A new scholarship scheme called Merit Scholarship is being launched this year
Published: 16/05/2023

The President was speaking at the awarding ceremony of the Presidential Special Scholarship and High Achievers Scholarship held at the Omar Zahir Office Building tonight.

The President was accompanied by his wife Fazna Ahmed.

Merit Scholarships are available to students who are not included in the President's Special Award and High Achievers Scholarship. The scholarship is reserved for students who obtain A stars in at least three of the subjects required to participate in the program they wish to complete at the university, he said. Further details of the scheme will be announced by the Ministry of Higher Education very soon, he said.

The President said the real purpose of scholarships, loan schemes and awards is to develop the minds of students through modern education.

In his speech, the President noted that there are unprecedented opportunities for higher education and scholarships in many fields that have never been available in foreign countries. He also noted that the free degree program introduced by this government has expanded and increased the opportunities for further studies for students from disadvantaged families.

The President handed over the certificates of special scholarships to 17 students who passed first class in the higher secondary examination last academic year. The 18 students who received High Achievement Scholarships were presented with certificates by the First Lady.

17 students received the President's Special Scholarship and 138 students received the High Achievers Scholarship.

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