Maldivian Government Announces Student Loan Scheme 2024 Results and Updates
Published: 11/06/2024

The Maldivian government has opened opportunities for students to acquire their education locally or abroad through the Student Loan Scheme 2024. The results of the applications were published today at 9:00 AM by the Minister of Higher Education, Labour, and Skills Development, Dr. Mariyam Mariya.

The Minister mentioned that President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has decided to issue student loans to all applicants who meet the criteria. Last year, the student loan was issued to over 500 students in the pilot license slot. This led to concerns among other students, parents, and related parties, as it reduced the funds provided for other sectors and opportunities for students who wanted to pursue education in different industries. Hence, the Ministry is forced to select only 10 students with the highest marks for the pilot licensing slot this year, even though 148 applicants meet the given criteria. Minister Dr. Mariyam Mariya also stated that students from this particular slot have the opportunity to change their application to a different slot that they qualify for.

A total of 1,709 loan applications were submitted this year. While 1,153 applicants qualify, this includes 148 applications received for the pilot license slot. As previously mentioned, only 10 students with the highest marks will be selected for the slot. Therefore, the total number of students selected for this year’s loan scheme is 1,015.

All selected students will receive the ‘Sponsor Letter’ confirming their selection for the student loan on June 13, 2024. The tentative results of the pilot license slot and the final results for other slots have been published on the Ministry’s website.

Any complaints regarding the student loan results should be emailed to before June 25, 2024.

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