Minister welcomes students of Villa International
Published: 16/08/2023

Welcoming the students at the Ministry of Higher Education today, the Minister said he was proud of the honor the students had achieved. He also encouraged the students for their achievements.
" Congratulations to Villa International on their victory in The World Scholars Cup" the Minister said.The number of young people completing secondary education in Maldives has increased significantly and the number of young people seeking higher education and training has also increased, he said. Completing A Level is important to become a good student and 12 years of secondary education is important to become a strong youth, he said. The minister said it is very important for the student to spend those two years in the school environment regardless of what field he wants to pursue.
During today’s meeting, the students shared their experiences with the Minister.
The meeting was attended by officials of the Ministry of Higher Education.
A total of more than 1,800 students from a country including Asia, Africa, Europe and the Gulf participated in the scholarship. 12 students from Villa International High School participated.
Villa International High School's Naif Mohammed placed 13th overall in the individual overall. Scholars Bowl Team Event 2nd place went to Aisha Raya Nimad, Aisha Kaya Rifai and Fatima Raum Mukhtar. The three students also finished fifth in the challenge team event.
The Global Round 2023 of The World Scholars Cup will be held at the National Convention Center in Doha, Qatar from 22 to 27 June

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